TRACK REVIEW: ‘I Lied’ – Lord Huron feat. Allison Ponthier

In the near decade since the release of their debut album Lonesome Dreams, Lord Huron have largely flew under the radar, their tracks often sound-tracking scenes from some of the world’s most popular TV shows. Like many acts who deal nearly entirely in sombre acoustics, its hard for each of their songs to stand on their own. It largely comes down to a track’s atmosphere that propels it from just another great song to a “moment”.

When 13 Reasons Why became a phenom back in 2017, the band’s track, ‘The Night We Met’ became a “moment.” With its haunting vocals and nostalgic lyrics, ‘The Night We Met’ captured its audience and wrapped it up in its cinematic yearning. The band’s latest track ‘I Lied’ feels like another “moment.” The track captures that same magic that made ‘The Night We Met’ such a standout.

‘I Lied’ builds itself around wistful, romantic plucking and soft heavenly backing vocals that feel destined for a first dance. This romanticism brilliantly contrasts with the heartbreaking lyrics that detail two sides of a doomed affair. “I made a claim that I would dance until we’re bones with my bride,” Ben Schneider admits in his distinct husk, “I told you I would never leave you all alone but I lied.” The heartbreaking confessions keep coming as Schneider is joined by rising star Allison Ponthier: “I read your letter in the morning by the lake and I cried/They were tears of joy, my chains are finally broken.” Schneider and Ponthier make for a gorgeous duet, his deep voice blending so wonderfully beneath her own soaring clarity, only adding to the emotions beneath the song’s surface.

In the near decade since the release of their debut album Lonesome Dreams, Lord Huron have rarely released a bad song. However, songs like ‘I Lied’ work to remind just how great they can truly be.

‘I Lied’ is pulled from Lord Huron’s upcoming fourth studio album Long Lost due out May 21, 2021. Allison Ponthier is already one of 2021’s most exciting stars, having recently released her debut single ‘Cowboy.’

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